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On one side, we have the ever-predicted DAMWON Gaming slaughtering through their side of the bracket. On the other, Suning has made what many would consider to be a Cinderella run towards the finals. An LPL/LCK grand final is nothing new in the League of Legends world. Many expected this when the playoffs bracket came out, with both regions having all 3 of their seeds on the same side of the bracket. Even though the finals look like a done deal for DWG on paper, we shouldn’t count out the amazing feats that SN have accomplished to get here. This…

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After last night’s brutal beatdown, it seems like the LCK versus LPL finals is primed for the spotlight. The only question is, who will be the LPL’s representative that will take on DAMWON Gaming? Both Suning and Top Esports have had their ups and downs throughout Worlds thus far. TES struggled in their quarterfinal’s matchup. Suning showed that they came to play and took down JDG. With a rematch of the LPL summer playoffs semifinals on the horizon, many expect a strong victory for TES. However, SN may just take a few notes from FNC’s page and obliterate the odds…

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Never has it felt so good to be proven wrong. In my last prediction, I gave the underdogs, Gen.G, the win against G2 Esports. However, G2 absolutely demolished the LCK 3rd seed in a quick 3–0. This time around, they could put down the last of the LCK representatives, DAMWON Gaming. With regional pride on the line, and a chance at revenge, you know the stakes, and wagers, will be ever higher as the Western LCK killer faces Korea’s 1st seed powerhouse.

The Background

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After the thrilling matchup between Fnatic and Top Esports, a match that was slated to be an easy win for TES, we move on to what is possibly the closest quarterfinals match of Worlds 2020. G2, the 1st seed from Europe, takes on Gen.G, the 3rd seed from the LCK in the last chance for EU, and the west in general, to get a team out of quarterfinals. G2 have done it once already, and are looking for some redemption after 2019, while Gen.G are looking for a chance to take down their region’s top dogs in the semi-finals. …

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After 2 inter-regional bouts, it is time for the West to show what they are made of in the knockout stage of Worlds 2020. However, the first hurdle the LEC 2nd seed representative faces is quite possibly the largest difference in the Quarterfinals thus far. Top Esports are coming into this match as complete favorites for the entire tournament, whereas Fnatic are seen as a speed bump on the road to another LPL title. …

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In another regional clash, we have JD Gaming Versus Suning tonight, the 2nd seed and 3rd seed out of the LPL respectively. Unlike the DWG vs DRX match we had last night, which could hardly be called that, JDG and SN have yet to play against each other since their LPL regular season. As such, this will be the first time these teams have played in a best of 5 series across the whole of 2020.

Although this is a toss-up in terms of who may come out on top, the odds are close enough that the teams may pull…

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With the group stage completed for Worlds 2020, and TSM beating a hasty retreat with the new title of “World’s Worst 1st Seed”, things are finally being turned up a notch. The die has been cast, and teams are now ramping up to face their first opponent in the quarterfinals. What better way to kick off the knock-out stage than to watch two teams from the same region duke it out for the first spot in the semi-finals between DAMWON Gaming and DRX Gaming.

This match between the LCK representatives provides an interesting narrative for this tournament. Namely, that it…

With just a few hours to go until the play-ins of Worlds 2020 kicks off, there is plenty of room to get some last minute bets in. With multiple underdogs, and some very clear favorites, even one or two wins can easily upset the balance of the teams making a run towards the group stages. Here are some of my favorite bets for this week of the Worlds 2020 Play-Ins stage.

Overall Winners

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As an overall setting, there are two teams that really stand out in both groups. For Group B, LGD Gaming are the most dominant of the teams…

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Of all the matchups possible that we could get for the finals, I don’t think anyone would have believed it if they had been told we would be seeing FlyQuest and Team Solomid battling it out for the crown. But after Team Liquid suffered heavy losses in two painful 5-game series, the underdogs have reigned supreme.

FLY have had the best year of their organization’s history by far. After finishing the spring split at second place behind Cloud9, many didn’t think anything of it. However, the champions of the sea and trees brought nature to their battles, running through the…

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In what could only be a strange twist of fate, we get to see a rematch of one of the first LCS summer playoff matches, as Team Solomid and Golden Guardians duke it out in the loser’s round 3 for their survival in the playoffs. GG are looking to repeat their clean sweep of the bleeding gods, whereas TSM are looking for some revenge against a team that made a mockery of their 4th place standing. With the hype surrounding this matchup, you know the odds will be all over the place, with some ripe bets to be placed and…

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