2020 LCS Summer Playoffs Odds: Team Solomid Vs. Golden Guardians

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Team Solomid Vs. Golden Guardians Betting Odds

After losing to Team Liquid in week 9, Team SoloMid will take their chances through the standard bracket, choosing Golden Guardians as their first round opponents. As a decorated veteran organization in League of Legends history, TSM have had some rocky splits as of late. Far from their dominant splits of either taking the LCS crown, or being the final contender towards the crown, they have been chasing their golden days with 4th and 5th place finishes in the LCS for the past few years. This split, however, they are looking to make a comeback. With a strong showing towards the back end of the 2020 summer split and ending at 12–6 in the regular split, many fans are hoping that this time, they have what it takes to reach the top

Golden Guardians, on the other hand, are hoping for an upset. With TSM looking like they finally have their act together, many believe GG will be a minor setback for TSM to make their way through. However, GG had their shining moments during the regular split, and were one of the few teams to take a game off of Cloud9. As such, there may be some fight to be seen during the series, and only time will tell if GG can be the upset factor, or if TSM will live up to their hype.

Odds and Stats were taken from GG.Bet. Updated to 24 hours prior to match start time.

Head to Head preview

Credit: Riot Games

Taking a quick look at the head to head from the Summer 2020 split, TSM are the favorites of this series. They currently have a 2–0 record against GG over the summer, with both games being relatively clean by TSM. Neither provided a strong argument for any of the players of GG, and the most recent loss against TSM may play with their mental.

Players to watch for TSM will be Bjergsen and Spica. Although TSM have been carried multiple times by Bjergsen in the latter half of the split, Spica has made it indefinitely difficult. He is prone to succumbing to pressure, with his nervousness manifesting in losing easy objective takes and 50/50 smite attempts more often than not. TSM’s success depends on if Bjergsen can get back to his prime carry form, and if Spica can find a comfortable pick each game.

Players to watch for GG will be FBI and Huhi. Going up against the rising rookie Treatz and the LCS veteran Doublelift, FBI and Huhi have their work cut out for them. If they are able to gain any advantages, a large part of TSM’s gameplay will collapse with it.

Available Odds

Safe Bets

Overall match winner odds have TSM at 1.3 and Golden Guardians at 3.38. With the recent head to head and play, this seems fair, and should be granted that TSM will be the victor of this series. Being safe is sometimes better than being sorry, and some of the more obvious odds can be a nice way to pad your pockets for any potential windfalls. Our choices for safe bets include early series victories that TSM are able to take by surprise in this best of 5 series. However, do not anticipate a clean 3–0 victory from either team.

My Picks:

Match Winner: TSM (1.3)

Match Handicap: TSM -1.5 (1.68)

Map 1 Winner: TSM (1.48)

Map 1 First Blood: TSM (1.66)

Total Maps Played: Over 3.5 (1.45)

Some Hazards

With the stable odds out of the way, a look into other potential pots yields some interesting options. These have to do mostly with the objectives being taken, such as Baron, Dragon, and Towers. Although these would normally be put under the outliers and long shots, betting against Spica in these situations, as harsh as that sounds, may be favorable to your wallet. Although the odds aren’t amazingly vast, a little bet on GG never hurt.

First Dragon odds were not available for GG.Bet. This was pulled from midnite.com

My Picks:

All Maps First Dragon: GG (2.00)

All Maps First Baron: GG (2.33)

Correct match score can also be a bit of a toss-up. Since this is more dependent on the drafts that either team shoots for, we have to base our analysis on previous games and history of both sides. For me, I believe that TSM may succumb to some slick tricks that GG attempts to unveil. As such, I expect a 3–2 by TSM to be in order.

My Pick:

Correct Map Score: TSM 3–2 (4.58)

Long Shots

Credit: Riot Games

With the history of TSM as of late, and the potential threat of GG, it is not unthinkable that an upset can occur during this playoff series. Although analysts predict a victory for TSM, GG are known for playing the eccentric and going for the throat if given the chance. These bets are by no means stable, and should be taken at your own risk.

My Picks:

Map Handicap: TSM -2.5 (3.09)

Total Maps: Under 3.5 (2.63)

All Maps First Turret: GG (~2.31)

Correct Map Score: GG 3–1 (7.25)

Winner: GG (3.38)

Once again, these are just my personal picks for any odds and bets going into the Team Solomid versus Golden Guardians series. From the seemingly obvious bets, to some noticeable long shots, please note that odds and stats are just that: odds. Anything can happen, so bet where your heart tells you to. And as always, gamble responsibly!

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